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According to the title, is there anything else anyone can ever want? Well, not really. We can put this quite simple, a brewery-owned hotel with some over the top beer accessories for the most hard-core beer lovers from all around the world. If you have ever imagined being able to get a brew on a tap right from your hotel room, this is the chance for it to come true.

Here you don’t have to spend a valuable minute without precious beer as you have it everywhere around you. It is very simple. A Scottish Beer Production company launched a Beer Hotel, and since it is owned and run by a brewery, there are beer related amenities all over it. They are even incorporated in the places you wouldn’t even think about, so check this out.

You can enjoy:

  • A tapped beer, and not just any beer, but the brand’s flagship
  • A fully stocked in-shower mini bar
  • Limited edition brews available in the hotel for true beer lovers
  • Beer-based spa with products and treatments including hop oil and malted barley massages
  • Beer offers paired with every meal separately
  • Luxury suite with a beer-filled hot tub for bathing purposes only as it is too hot to drink

All these features can be quite healthy for you since your body is dealing with two of the main beer ingredients, in this case barley and hops. Both are packed with vitamin B and are extremely healthy for skin, hair and mostly, your soul.

Another thing is that the hops in the brews are used as a preservative during transportation, so we are guessing that it has the same effect on our bodies. If you don’t believe us, you can agree with it when the co-founder and CEO of the brewery, James Watt believes in it.

There is another gain from malt and hops and that is their smell. Since they both smell heavenly, you can allow yourself to drown your body in those smells as a proper god.

Another thing we would want to mention is that there are VIP beer-tasting tours you can schedule and participate in and there are also other happenings organized by the hotel that you can take part of as well, like the educational workshops on the beer making process. All of them fun and unique in their own way.

Finally, the hotel is scheduled to open in 2018 and it is planned to be the Disneyland for grownups and their happiest place of all times.

It’s not quite beer filled, but you can definitely fill yourself with beer in one of the Rally Hot Tubs. Hire a hot tub today in Darlington and Teesside by clicking here.

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